August ConteA word from August Conte, founder…

Producing fire alarm or other system submittal drawings quickly and accurately is one of the keys to an integrator or alarm contractor’s success.

Traditionally, the job has been done using ordinary CAD tools to plod through a project symbol-by-symbol, calculating manually each step of the way.

Next come the “oops, I missed that one”, revisions and re-submittals.
After many years as a fire alarm distributor, system integrator and contractor myself, I decided to provide others a better way.

Announcing CADGEN FireCAD software.

We are now offering our own proprietary CADGEN FireCAD software for you to purchase. CADGEN FireCAD is the same rock-solid and powerful AutoCAD based software we use ourselves. It has been proven and improved for six years and now ready for purchase.

To read more about the features, click here or call 847-540-6406 for a personal explanation and pricing.

Contechnical shop drawing services offer you alternatives.

  • COMPLETE SUBMITTALS – Using our proprietary software, we can layout your complete set of documents, producing consistent and accurate results in as little as half the time.
  • “BARE BONES” – Some of our clients prefer that we provide a limited package of floor plan layouts including accurate calculations and riser drawings. These clients generally prefer to do their own AutoCAD layout sheets.
  • HOURLY – There may be times when the project definition is not clear enough to define a fixed price, or a very small project where our reasonable hourly rates will serve you best.
  • Or, perhaps you generally do your own drawings and just need a little help with your overflow work on occasion. We’re here for that as well.

Our pricing is reasonable, quality is high, and turnaround time is short.
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